Day Trip To Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is Located in Kiambu town in Kenya, 14 kilometers from Nairobi. Paradise Lost Resort and park, is a magnificent tourist attraction in Kenya that is basically an oasis in the middle of a coffee farm. Paradise Lost Resort in Kenya was discovered in 1996 by coffee farmers in Kenya.

This is an attraction at Paradise Lost Resort in Kiambu which is a 54 acre farm is the Paradise Lost Resort caves in Kenya that are eroded by the nearby Gichi River in Kenya with their entrance screened by an impressive cascading Paradise Lost waterfall in Kenya this makes Paradise Lost Resort on Kenya extremely popular as a perfect place to spend the weekend in.

At Paradise Lost you can enjoy;

  • Explore the stone age Caves
  • A stunning waterfall
  • Picnics
  • Boat riding
  • Visiting a coffee farm
  • Horse riding or camel riding
  • Nature trails

Come enjoy with your family and friends!