Zanzibar Excursions

StoneTown Tour – US$60
Enjoy a leisurely walk through the old town visiting historic buildings and shops.

StoneTown at Dusk – 3hrs US$60
Enjoy a guided walk through the nature trails of a tropical forest. Highlight will be spotting the rare red Columbus monkey endemic to the forest.

Prison (Changuu) Island – 4 hrs US$70
Tour of the Island once used to hold ‘rebellion slaves’ Enjoy the excellent swimming and snorkeling in the afternoon.

Mangapwani Slave Caves – 5 hrs US$70

Mangapwani Slave Caves – 5 hrs US$70
The caves are said to have been used for hiding slaves after their export was forbidden. Enjoy lunch and time to swim or relax on beach.

SpiceGarden Tour – 4 hrs US$70
Take a tour to one of the famous spice plantations. After lunch visit the remarkable Persian baths built by sultan Seyyid Said in 1850.

Swim with Dolphins – Full Day   US$310 for four
After breakfast, local boats take you off the Island in search of dolphins. When lucky to find them, enjoy a swim among these gentle creatures. Enjoy a Swahili barbecue lunch and have time to relax before returning back to the island.